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“You will reap the benefit of the investment we make in our employees.”

Smith Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is a mid-sized, locally owned commercial cleaning company, serving the greater Cincinnati area since 2003. We specialize in general cleaning, carpet cleaning, and a complete array of terrazzo, vinyl and ceramic tile floor maintenance. Our workforce consists of 22 employees that are professionally trained and certified in providing you the highest quality service in the city.

We make a higher financial investment in our employees’ development than most of our competition without passing on the cost to you, the prospective client. By thorough background checking, extensive professional training, and paying our people above the industry average, the quality of our output is a true benefit to you. Our workforce consists only of employees of Smith Cleaning Solutions, Inc. We do not outsource any of our labor to external cleaning firms or temporary services. This makes our management directly accountable to you, the client, for the flexibility and the manner in which our work is performed.

Smith Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is a proud member of both the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.
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